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Compound is a mastermind for founders and builders who want to grow massive audiences on social.

Members of Compound have 3 goals:

1. Network with other epic founders/builders who are building epic businesses2. Grow a massive Twitter and LinkedIn audience and generate leads.3. Have a lot of fun while doing 1 and 2.

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About Us

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Founded by Aadit Sheth (@aaditsh)

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Thanks for applying to the Compound Mastermind. We kick off early February 2023.

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Welcome to My Twitter Course!

What's Included?

Topics discussed:
- Journey from 0 → 100k followers
- How to craft your Twitter bio
- How to find interesting people to follow (2 distinct tactics)
- Twitter rookie mistakes
- Tools to keep you focused and effective
Alongside that, you will get access to my Twitter Stack and my swipe file.

Also Get Access To My Twitter Stack:

Twitter Audit

15-20 minute asynchronous audit - $150This is the perfect way to get in-depth asynchronous feedback on your Twitter profile and content.This won't be general Twitter growth advice. Although that's useful, I'll be looking through your account and giving you specific advice on how I'd grow your account.

Here's what I'll cover:

1. Profile setup: bio, banner, picture, pinned tweet
2. Content strategy: reviewing your content and advising on ways to improve it
3. Potential content ideas: I'll give you ideas for niches you can tap into in the next few months
4. Potential follows: I'll give you interesting follows in your space with whom interacting with will increase credibility of your account.

Why trust me?

I've generated 100s of millions of impressions on Twitter over the span of 2 years.I've also consulted 250+ founders and entrepreneurs on building a Twitter-first personal brand.Here is my Twitter if you'd like to check it out: @aaditsh

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